Mobile Location-based Targeting by Advertisers is Skyrocketing

According to a new report from xAd, 95 percent of national advertisers are using some form of location-based targeting for mobile marketing.  There has been a major shift in traditional mobile marketing techniques to location-based marketing.  Location-based marketing has the ability to target specific users based on their precise location.  The ability to reach consumers based on their location is a powerful factor in engaging with mobile audiences.

While standard geo-targeting has the ability to reach consumers based on their zip code or city, geo-precise targeting has the power to identify the consumer’s specific location at a point in time.  Knowing the consumer’s exact location can help the advertiser present information that is relevant to the consumer.  This location-based method was the most popular technique used last year with over 55 percent of campaigns using this form of mobile marketing.  The xAd report shows that campaigns using this mobile location-based technique reduced ad waste by 20 to 30 percent and increased ad performance by up to 60 percent.

Today, most mobile users are constantly on the go exploring for information.  Last year, the top businesses searched were local restaurants, gas stations, transportation and hotels.  Geo-precise targeting enables advertisers to locate consumers in order to find out where they are and what they might be interested in.  Results from the report show that the relevance of location will deliver the highest conversion rates for advertisers (via mobile marketer). 

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