Managing Different Mobile Messaging Options

There are several options to choose from when it comes to messaging mobile users. These options include SMS, apps, mobile email, and many more. It is important for marketers to choose the best option or options and manage them effectively in order to create a successful mobile strategy.  Sending too many messages across different platforms can sometimes annoy mobile users and therefore drive them away. There are a few things to remember in order to engage the right way with consumers when using mobile messaging.

 One essential thing to remember is consumers are constantly checking their mobile devices for emails, text messages, and other notifications. By limiting the number of messages sent across different platforms, you can avoid information overload. Sending the same message across three different platforms can be irritating for the consumer.  For example, email is one platform that is likely to be ignored because the volume of information can overwhelm users. This issue brings up the importance of being relevant.

 Sending messages that are relevant to the consumer is key for any mobile strategy.  Consumers want to receive messages that are relevant and benefit their lives. To do this, align the options with the user experience on mobile.  SMS is a great option for messaging consumers in real time.  Consumers are able to receive information right away and on-the-go.  SMS is much different than, for example, email messages or app alerts. The user experience on mobile is crucial to consider when deciding what message to send and on what platform.

 Another thing to remember is to manage the ongoing communication with consumers. Mobile communication is interactive and it is important to keep up the engagement with consumers. Marketer must assess what channels are the most successful when communicating with consumers, as well as what types of messages the consumer is interested in receiving. The variety of mobile messaging options available may seem overwhelming, but by implementing them correctly, you can create a successful mobile strategy (via mobile marketer).