Consumers Prefer SMS-based Coupons

With 42.3 percent of consumers preferring SMS-based coupons, mobile coupons are now favored over push notifications and bar code scanning.  A new report from RadiumOne indicates more people are approving the idea of SMS mobile coupons and its popularity is expected to grow even more in the coming year.  The report stated that 51.5 percent of smartphone users prefer showing coupons at the cashier compared to the 23.8 percent of users who prefer scanning-based methods.  Based on these findings, it is seen that people prefer to have control over the mobile coupon process and like the idea of having coupons readily available, right on their mobile devices.

According to recent research from eMarketer, mobile coupon users will increase from 12.3 million in 2010 to 46 million this year.  The researchers even suspect the number to grow to 53 million by next year.  Marketers want to discover how the consumer interacts with their mobile devices and are curious to find out how to deliver the best value in order to meet the consumers’ needs.  The findings show that mobile users value efficiency, utility and ease-of-use when it involves mobile coupons.

There are several different practices and approaches when it comes to using mobile coupons.  RadiumOne found the best practices for mobile coupons include an easy redemption process and customizing offers that are relevant to consumers via SMS text. Survey results also revealed the three most frequently redeemed coupon categories included groceries, retail goods, and food and drink. In fact, 61.9 percent of consumers are redeeming grocery and consumer retail goods-based coupons (via mobile commerce daily).